ID: On a dark blue background with aqua-colored cresent-like C's and spotlights, we see a teal CIC logo flying through the C's. Then, in white 3D letters, "AVAILABLE TO BUY" appears. The CIC logo then goes through the text, and then, the camera zooms through the text, and we see an aperture-like center with the CIC logo on it. It opens, going into a trailer.


  • On rental versions, the ID is re-animated, and the words "AVAILABLE TO BUY" are replaced with "RENTAL RELEASES".
  • Sometimes, in between trailers, we see the aperture with the CIC logo closing, then re-opening. Only two whooshes are heard in this version.
  • DreamWorks releases just use a version where it shows the camera going through the C's, then "NOW AVAILABLE ON VIDEOCASSETTE" flies in, before zooming close into the camera.

Trivia: This was based on CIC's other IDs from the time.

FX/SFX: Nice CGI effects, even perfect for 1997.

Music/Sounds: A hip-hop like tune with a metallic "clang" sound, and then, a whoosh sound.

Availability: Seen on CIC Video releases during the era.

Scare Factor: None to medium.

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