Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment's "Fast Play" is a Disney DVD enhancement that was introduced in 2004.


Disney's Fast Play Bumper

Bumper: On a blue and cloudy background, the Disney DVD logo shines. Tinker Bell waves her wand at the logo, changing it to a whole new logo, which turns out to be the logo for Disney's Fast Play. She flies off, with her pixie dust trailing behind her. The pixie dust leaves the "FastPlay" (on the left) and "Main Menu" (on the right) options behind. The Disney's Fast Play logo "sparkles" as the bumper progresses. The "Main Menu" option flashes twice, and then the "FastPlay" option flashes three times. The Disney Fast Play logo shines, and then the bumper fades to black.

FX/SFX: Pretty much everything in the bumper.

Cheesy Factors:

  1. The arc on the Disney DVD logo is mirrored.
  2. The Tinker Bell animation is recycled from the Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection logo, despite the said animation for the said logo being years old, with no enhancements or changes to it whatsoever.
  3. There is excessive shining on both logos throughout the bumper, making things look a bit gaudy.
  4. While the male announcer says that the "movie and a selection of bonus features will begin automatically", Fast Play actually plays a long series of trailers that is on the DVD, followed by the movie coming on immediately afterwards. What a cruel joke to be playing on the viewers.

Music/Sounds: A male announcer says "This Disney DVD is enhanced with Disney's Fast Play. Your movie and a selection of bonus features will begin automatically. To bypass Fast Play, select the "Main Menu" button at any time. Fast Play will begin in a moment." Aside from him, there is a series of dings and whooshes, along with a short horn fanfare.

Availability: Fairly common. It appears on all Disney DVD releases with the Fast Play feature.

Scare Factor: Minimal, since most of the animation in the bumper can catch some off-guard. Other than that, it is harmless, but can be a bit annoying after a while.