January 26th, 2006-December 2012 Edit

ID: On a watery background, we see the era's Documentary Channel logo, which consists of a black-rounded square with a semi-circle on the top and bottom, all with the text "doc" in an ABC-like font sandwiched between them. The logo turns backwards to reveal the words "FEATURE PRESENTATION" slowly revolving around a set of projector-like circles.

FX/SFX: The logo turning backwards.

Cheesy Factor: The animation looks like a high school student's first project in an Autodesk animation program.

Music/Sounds: There were two sets of music/sounds that were used interchangeably. Each ended with an announcer saying "And now, your feature presentation".

  1. A creepy ascending synth drone, and then a descending whoosh and another drone.
  2. An upbeat "tick-tocky" theme, similar to something that you would hear on How It's Made.

Availability: Extinct, and almost impossible to find on the Internet.

Scare Factor: Depending on the music/sounds that were used.

  • 1st variant: Medium, due to the creepy synth drones.
  • 2nd variant: None.

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