ID: On a night sky background, we see DreamWorks' "Moon Boy" symbol on the top-right. In the center is text announcing specific previews. Depending on the clip-on, the text is either in all-caps or not.


  • Coming to Theaters
  • Coming to Theaters Next Year (appears on the VHS of Shrek)
  • Coming to Movie Theaters in the Year 2000 (appears on the VHS of The Prince of Egypt)
  • Coming to Video
  • Now Available on Video Cassette
  • Available Exclusively on Video and DVD
  • On Video and DVD
  • Now on Video
  • Coming Soon from DreamWorks Animation (appears on the DVD of Shrek 2)
  • In Theaters
  • Coming Soon to Video and DVD
  • Now on Video and DVD
  • Coming Soon to Video
  • Coming Soon to Theaters
  • Coming Soon
  • Now Available
  • On Video
  • Now Available on DVD
  • Now In Theaters
  • Available on DVD
  • Coming Soon to DVD


  • On UK releases, the Moon Boy is moved further up left.
  • On the 2002 VHS of Shrek, the ID is set on a still shot from the movie in which Shrek and Donkey are looking at the moon ahead of them as the clip-on appears to the left of them.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen during the opening previews of DreamWorks videotapes and DVDs.

Scare Factor: None.