1991-1994 Edit

Encore Feature Presentation (1991-1994)



Sounds: TBA

Availability: Extinct. Check old tapes for this.

Scare Factor: TBA

1994-1999 Edit

Encore Feature Presentation 1994-1999

ID: Inside a 3D object that looks exactly like a "sunburst" , we see various sunburst outlines with the "encore" texts below each one, then what looks like a countdown timer and another "sunburst" outline. All the "sunburst" outlines are black. The "sunburst" zooms out as a red-purple gradient background fades in and a rainbow rectangle reading "encore" flies to the bottom of the "sunburst" before it transforms into a rainbow box with a "sunburst" outline, revealing that it is a rainbow Encore logo from that period. As this happens, the word "Feature" in uppercase letters zooms to above the Encore logo, with "Presentation" also in uppercase letters appearing below it.

Variant: A special presentation variant has "Special" in place of "Feature".

FX/SFX: Breathtaking animation by Pittard Sullivan.

Music/Sounds: The standard "Feature Presentation" variant has a beautiful piano/flute fanfare. On the "Special Presentation" variant, a different fanfare is used.

Availability: Extinct. The standard "Feature Presentation" variant can be found on VHS recordings that have that variant. Recordings of specials that had aired on Encore during this period, complete with the "Special Presentation" variant, are rare. Check those old tapes for either variant.

Scare Factor: None to high; it all depends on what you think of any of the variants.

1999-2005 Edit

Encore Feature Presentation (1999-2005)



Music/Sounds: Encore's 1999 jingle (a nice pop-rock tune), then a short, beautiful piano stinger at the end.

Availability: Extinct. Check old tapes and DVD's for this bumper.

Scare Factor: TBA

2005-2011 Edit

Encore Feature Presentation (2005-2011)

ID: We see a shot of a forest, tinted in yellow, followed by a shot of a hubcap, then the 2005-13 Encore logo drawing itself through a shot of some buildings. Two shots of palm trees follow, and then we cut to a panning shot of a yellowish-blue beach with the text reading "FEATURE PRESENTATION" below the Encore logo. It then fades to the film's rating with the icons for "Closed Captioning" and "En Espanol" below, followed by content descriptors for the film.

Variant: In the last years or so of the ID's life, "The following is rated" was added above the rating.

FX/SFX: Shots of the scenery fading to one another, followed by the starburst's movements and then the panning. Small black bars also move around the top and bottom.

Music/Sounds: A small choir note, then a majestic fanfare and a whoosh. The announcer later says "The following feature is rated *Rating*."

Availability: Extinct. Check old tapes and DVD's for this.

Scare Factor: None to medium. The fanfare and starburst may get to some.

August 2011-December 1, 2013 Edit

Encore Feature Presentation (2011-2013)


Variant: A variant exists for Encore HD, with the size of the movie rating and descriptors decreased.

FX/SFX: All live-action, complete with the black bars from the last logo and the CGI animation at the end.

Music/Sounds: A few light guitar notes followed by a horn fanfare coupled with more of the light guitar notes, followed by a voiceover recycled from the last ID.

Availability: Extinct.

Scare Factor: None to minimal.

Encore Feature Presentation (1999-2005) (Updated)
Encore "Feature Presentation" (1992)01:16

Encore "Feature Presentation" (1992)

Encore Love Stories commercial breaks (March 1999)06:09

Encore Love Stories commercial breaks (March 1999)

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