ID: On a purple-tangerine gradient sky background with some clouds, we see a modified version of the 1994 20th Century Fox structure, this time with the last row being replaced with "FAMILY", and the top row consisting of a giant, cartoonish-looking suburban house. The camera pans slightly backwards, away from it, as the searchlights next to it move. We then crossfade into a completely different sequence, in which a 3D lopsided greenish-yellow oval spins around and stops in the middle on a blue background, while slowly turning. There are plum-purple "swishes" around the oval, and the text "FOX FAMILY", in the Fox logo fint, is shown inside it. The words "You Belong." slide in from the bottom, "crash", and then settle.

Variant: An extremely rare variant exists where the camera pans out from the other side of the structure, and then moves to the familiar 20th Century Fox angle. This one is longer than usual, and has brighter colors, along with a sunnier sky background. The background on the cross-fading sequence is green.

FX/SFX: Everything. Awesome CGI animation, done by Pittard Sullivan.

Music/Sounds: For the regular ID, there is a quick pop-rock tune, along with boomerang sounds for when the other Fox Family logo appears. The variant features a phone call conversation between a boy and his mom:

  • Mom: Hello?
  • Boy: Hey, Mom. I'm at Billy's house. I'll be home in a little while.
  • Mom: That's funny. Billy's mom just called, looking for him.
  • Boy: *uses a British accent* Sorry, (a boomerang sound effect occurs) we had the wrong number. (a "click" sound is heard)

Availability: Extinct.

Scare Factor: None to low. An awesome and nostalgic ID.