Warning: On a black background, we see the following text: WARNING IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ The program portion of this tape has been coated with a new substance called K.T.C. to prevent illegal copying. K.T.C. only reacts when subjected to the magnetic head fluctuation caused by the record mode. If you have already started to record this tape, we are required by law to inform you that the K.T.C. process may damage your VCR. K.T.C. will not affect your VCR in the play mode. The tape coated with K.T.C. does not begin for another 15 seconds. STOP RECORDING NOW. Thank you for purchasing this video. Enjoy the show!

After that a second screen appears, consisting of the red word "WARNING" and a countdown starting at 15. When it gets to 1, it cuts to black.

Trivia: The K.T.C. substance on the tape does not exist, as proven in the Oddity Archive episode "Copy Protection Vol. 2".

FX/SFX: The timer counting down on the second screen.

Cheesy Factor: The first screen is not that bad, but the second screen, why is that screen recommended? Also, if you're gonna add "WARNING" on that screen, put some more warning text on it! Also what kind of idiot would put something on a tape that doesn't exist? And why would some idiot claim the tape will cause the VCR to explode? It is just nuts!

Music/Sounds: A male announcer reads the text, but his voice is sped up to the point where he sounds like the Micro Machines man.

Availability: Seen on a Cat Sitters VHS as well as a Dog Sitters VHS. It may or may not be on some other tapes.

Scare Factor: Minimal.

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