There are the rules, according to wiki founder TPercival, in order to keep this wiki safe.

Standard RulesEdit

  1. The bumpers (either domestic or international) must be from companies, not fake or homemade.
  2. If you find something that doesn't belong, remember to use the delete template. Then inform TPercival or the wiki admins.
  3. No messing about.
  4. No vandalizing a page.
  5. No spamming (e.g. adding categories that have nothing to do with this wiki).
  6. No fanon content. e.g. fake bumpers, etc.
  7. No giving out your address.
  8. No profanities (see below).
  9. Sockpuppet accounts are allowed for appropriate editing use, but they are not allowed to be used to vandalize the wiki.
  10. Every page has to be responsibly edited. Any fool or Wikia contributor can get inside a page and mess it up at anytime probably for just five minutes. So don't mess a thing!
  11. Do not use the founder TPercival's name to pose as him in comments.
  12. Do not in any way try to remove the entire content on any page.
  13. Always describe each page.
  14. If you disobey many rules, you are banned for life.
  15. Don't give insults to any of the users.
  16. ABSOLUTELY No Racism towards other users.
  17. To non-mod/administrator members: No pretending to be a mod or administrator! That includes telling people not to break rules, threatening to ban members and making your own rules. Only members that are mods or administrators have the authority to do so. Anyone breaking this rule will be automatically BANNED!!!!!
  18. Do not name-call other users, this also implies in threatening.

Language rulesEdit

  • Any user using profanities, such as swear words and obscene gestures, will be blocked for a week.
  • If you harass users or wiki founder TPercival by giving him or them threatening messages (that is also included in edit summaries), you will be blocked for a month.
  • If you use them too much, you're banned for life.

Sockpuppet accountsEdit

  • Please create one user account only. If you make multiple accounts, both accounts will be banned. If you are seeking on a rename, please contact an administrator.

If there's any user causing trouble, report to wiki founder TPercival or the wiki admins.

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