Sony Wonder Website Promo00:09

Sony Wonder Website Promo

Bumper: The viewer's screen fades into a sky background with several clouds moving along the screen very fast, as well as a sun appearing on the lower center of the screen. The "WONDER" ribbon, from Sony Wonder's 2nd logo, fades in, while rippling. When the ribbon has fully appeared, the sun gives off it's bright shine and casts bright rays into the sun-shaped "O" in "WONDER", thus making it solid yellow. The word "SONY", in it's corporate font, then fades in and ripples, as well as the URL "", with both appearing above and below the "WONDER" ribbon, respectively.

FX/SFX: The clouds moving, the logo rippling, and it's appearance.

Cheesy Factor: The rippling of the "WONDER" ribbon is very cheaply animated.

Music/Sounds: The 2nd half of Sony Wonder's 2nd logo's theme, with a female announcer saying "Experience the wonder online at".

Availability: Can be seen at the end of certain Sesame Street and Arthur VHS and DVD releases from the era.

Scare Factor: None to low. The bright rays that are cast off by the sun can be a fear to some people. However, the Sony Wonder logo is cute to look at.

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