1993-present Edit

Warning: We see "FBI WARNING" in red with information about how hard the producer (Tom McComas) worked on the the video; all in Arial font on a black background.


  • Starting in 1997, the name "Tom McComas" is replaced with "the producers" and the bottom text is quite bigger, making the "FBI WARNING" text look small.
  • On DVDs, the word "video" is replaced with "production".
  • There's a very rare version where the "FBI WARNING" text has an exclamation point at the end and the information is in Times New Roman font.
  • On rare occasions, it has different warning text and different info. The dramatic fanfare remains the same, but on some videos, there is no music at all.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: Dramatic fanfare.

Availability: Seen on many VHS tapes and DVDs from TM, such as all fourteen "I Love Toy Trains" shows, "I Love Christmas", "I Love Lionel", "I Love Big Trains", and others.

Scare Factor: Minimal. The dramatic fanfare comes on very abruptly, so make sure your volume is down. Otherwise, nothing major.

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