1966-1975 Edit

ID: On a black background, a red rectangle outline stretches over two overlapping blue and green shapes. Once the red rectangle comfortably becomes a rounded square, the shapes fill themselves in the square before becoming the letters "T" and "M" on a white solid background in the square, thus forming the Télé-Métropole logo. The now-formed logo zooms out and settles on the upper left of the screen, as three streaks (one blue, one red and one green) zoom out. A yellow curved line, a stylized rooster head and another red streak then draw in, forming a stylized rooster.

FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: The animation, which is rushed and choppy. Also, it seems to be an obvious product of the era.

Music/Sounds: A creepy whimsical woodwind theme, with Martin Savignac saying "'L'émission qui suit est télédiffusée en couleurs".

Availability: Seen when TVA programs of the era were broadcasted in color.

Scare Factor: Medium to high. The fast-paced animation and the creepy woodwind theme are bound to forebod more than a few people.

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