2001-2014 Edit


Bumper: We first see a picture of a church. It zooms out onto a shining blue background to reveal several other pictures and videos of religious-themed sequences moving to the right of the screen, as well as spinning circles consisted of the words "THE CHURCH CHANNEL" repeated over and over in shiny silver and sparks moving to the left. Then, the sky blue glass text "The Church Channel", in an old-time font and next to a stylized drawing of half a church (the cross on the top serves as the "T"), pans out from the right of the screen and zooms out. Finally, a flash causes another blurred copy of the logo to zoom in away and the background to blur.


Music/Sounds: A gospel tune with a harmonizing woman, strings, chimes and drums.

Music/Sounds Variant: For the logo's first years, a male announcer says "This is the Church Channel".

Availability: Now currently being phased out for the next bumper below.

Scare Factor: Low

2014-present Edit

Bumper: TBA


Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: TBA

Scare Factor: TBA

TCC 2014
TCC 2014 2

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