Show promotion bumper

Show promotion bumper

Bumper: We see a screen with some Chinese text which appears to ask us to call any of the phone numbers (depending on where in Taiwan you are) if you've got questions or concerns. The bumper then proceeds to promote the Mandarin Chinese VeggieTales series using a clip from the Hairbrush Song as the scene. Some more Chinese text appears on this same screen in a yellow/orange gradient color and shines.

FX/SFX: The fading, and the animation of the Hairbrush Song clip.

Music/Sounds: A clip of the instrumental version of either the 1998-2009 VeggieTales theme song, and some applause as the Hairbrush Song scene progresses and fades out.

Availability: Rare. Snagged off of each Mandarin Chinese VeggieTales episode.

Scare Factor: None.